Q: What do I pay for by move-in?

A: When residents move-in they are expected to pay first month’s rent and a security deposit. The amount of the security deposit is based on the combined credit score of all residents. Residents do NOT pay last months rent at move in. Last months rent is due the last month of occupancy.

Q: Can I use my security deposit to pay for last months rent?

A: The security deposit is NOT to be used as last months rent. It is held by PPM for potential damages to the unit after resident move-out.

Q: When do I receive my security deposit refund and a list of charges?

A: Any refunded and list of charges of the security deposit will be mailed to former residents by the 30-day mark of move-out.

Q: To whom is the security deposit refund check written?

A: The check will be written out to all residents on the lease unless PPM receives written confirmation that an individual forfeits their right to the check.

Q: Do you have any size or breed restrictions?

A: We accept all weight and breeds.

Q: Do you hold apartments?

A: Apartments are not held, reserved or secured until a rental agreement or reservation deposit has been signed and payment made. Once you have been approved we require a $500 reservation due immediately. This reservation goes towards your refundable security deposit. We process applications very quickly and apartments rent fast.